Libra & Capricornus - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 42:58
Like each other: 3
Long-lasting: 2
Capricorn, a feminine sign ruled by masculine planet Saturn, and Libra, a masculine sign ruled by a feminine planet Venus, would achieve a harmonious blend in their association, as they possess the proper blending of feminine qualities of gentleness, patience and sensitivity and the masculine qualities of energy, firmness and idealism.
One major benefit of them being together is the uniting of the huge amount of power they two possess. As both have strong will power and determination they will achieve anything they want.
Disagreements will arise in this relation when Capricorn becomes intolerable to the eternal optimism and indecision of Libra and when Libra finds Capricorn more dominating. Both are self-starters, so when they're on the same team, they need to have different and well-defined roles to ensure that they don't cross each other's boundaries. Libra is pondering and intellectual, and Capricorn sees the value of doing things the hard way if it leads to certain success.
It will be a real difficult task to spot similarities between a Libra woman and a Capricorn man, making it important for them to work through their differences for the benefit of the relation. The key to their success will be compromise.
In the beginning of their relation Libra woman will find the Capricorn man old fashioned, stubborn, conservative and humorless. But as their relationship advance, she will discover his virtues more than his vices. In the long run of their companionship Libra woman will be the one who takes the responsibility in her shoulders and making compromises for its long lasting. She will be the first to back down for avoiding a conflict.
Libra girl needs flattery and attention from her mate, but a Capricorn man keeps its affection and admiration buried inside his mind. He believes more in hard work and achievement and he will feel offended by the easygoing and lazy approach of her. She is attracted towards social life and gatherings and likes to do things in tandem, while he likes to remain at home atmosphere. Once the partner's understand each other's style and attitude, and are ready to compromise with it, they can achieve a lot what they could not achieve alone.
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