Sagittarius & Virgo - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 58:42
Like each other: 4
Long-lasting: 3
The relationship between Virgo and Sagittarius, which is traditionally regarded as unfavorable. Sagittarius seeks freedom, while Virgo desire for financial viability and domestic stability. Although these partners may find it difficult to understand the other's point of view and are different, this difference will make theirs an excellent team. They have a wonderful, supplementary style of interaction that makes it easier for them while working together.
Virgo and Sagittarius can communicate with each other easily. These two will have wide topics to talk a lot and will also move around a lot together, even though Virgo prefers a settled life. Both can teach each other many aspects if they are tend to be together. Virgin will teach the Sag manners, courtesy and patience, and Sagittarius, in turn, will teach Virgo to avoid worrying about what others will think of them.
If the two start to communicate with each other after understanding their basic natures, both can learn a great deal from each other. Virgo can learn to relax. Sagittarius can learn to be a little more patient, understanding and polite. These two can think well together than either does alone.
As the Natal Signs of Virgo man and Sagittarius woman are squared, problems are sure to arise between them. He is gifted with the art of delicate diplomacy, enabling him to handle the conflicts arising between them tactfully. The Sagittarius girl is bound to react immediately and her brain is full of practical fun jokes, but she also possesses the quality of enjoying a joke on herself.
While together they can provide each other the security they needed for their reciprocal lifestyles. They make a wonderful relation once they can teach each other to look at the world through new eyes. Virgo may want the perfect relationship too quickly for Sagittarius' taste, but in time Sagittarius will learn to appreciate having a steady and reliable partner whose feet are on the ground.
The Virgo woman wants stability, and the Sagittarian wants freedom and stimulation. The Virgo focuses her agenda on daily living issues and survival skills; the orientation of the Sagittarian includes a broader view of today and next week and next year. Both are intellectual signs but the way their minds work clashes with each other. But if both of them really care and love each other, they can turn into a steady contentment over the years.
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