Taurus & Pisces - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 44:56
Like each other: 5
Long-lasting: 4
A Taurus, practical and prefer to have the facts and a clear direction, to have friendship with a Pisces, which is an idealist, will turn out to be a great help to the Pisces in obtaining experience in a practical way and to have some savings. A Pisces can teach a Taurus imaginative ways to make money, and will make them know the joy of sharing it with others.
Pisces will slip away from a controversy or a tense situation. It is difficult for them to come to an immediate decision. A Taurus is ready to face whatever he has to with confidence and courage and they are never inclined to get rid of the situation until they prove themselves to be right.
The Taurus who prefers to have material comforts will find it difficult to understand the simplistic attitude of Pisces. Their priorities may seem to be differed while considering the life's aspirations. But once they understand and are ready to overcome this difference their relationship will be a harmonious one.
Both Taurus woman and Pisces man prefer to have a life enriched with peace and quietness. A Taurus Woman will help her Pisces man to fulfill his dreams and ambitions, he will in turn offer gentleness, sympathy and kindness which she will appreciate. Both will be tend to work towards a harmonious relationship, as both are basically tolerant and sympathetic people.
Another characteristics they both have in common is that they often become gloomy. As both possess this, it will be easier for the other to understand this and cope with this situation.
Taurus woman will have her own concepts and views about her life, and she will be less reactive to the emotional ambiguity of the Pisces man, and will try to help him to get over his sensitive nature. However, if the Pisces man continues to bore her with his instability, Taurus will find it tiresome. It will be the insensitiveness of Taurus that makes him stay aloof from her. However, the sense of humor both of them possess will make it easy for them to find a way to overcome their differences without many disputes.
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