Virgo & Gemini - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 58:42
Like each other: 3
Long-lasting: 2
A Virgin can help the Twins to get more involved to the ideas of the life and feel its depths rather than floating through the surface. Life of a Virgo will be added with variety and fun and new excitements will be brought into their life, if they team up with a Gemini.
Virgo, more dignified and practical, and a Gemini, an intellectual will have different approaches towards life. Gemini will find it difficult to accept the down to earth, utilitarian approach of Virgo. While for a Virgo it will be a difficult task to accept Gemini's inconstancy and the lack of practicality. For a Gemini, a quarrel is not a quarrel, which is a constant stirring up of the wild temper, which never lasts for long period. But for a Virgo, an argument may go deeper and the hurt can last for a long time.
Gemini simply finds the object of interest at the moment without having a set plan in mind, and will love to float off into the world of ideas. Virgo, applies his plans and ideas in a more grounded way, they will analyze different ideas and select those that seems to be apt for them. Gemini seems to possess a playful and carefree way of life, while Virgo is serious, conscientious, and self-disciplined towards life.
As long as Virgo understands that Gemini's flirtatious nature does not affect their feelings toward the relationship, things will be okay! Often the relation between the Gemini man and Virgo woman do well as each one can supply what the other lacks. Gemini man can expand his partner's focus to take in new and surprising perspectives. While the attachment with the Virgo woman will give her Gemini partner ways of being more disciplined.
This combination shares a sharp intellect and sense of humor, but both can be critical. Virgo woman will sometimes feel irritated by the Gemini's too frivolous and childlike nature. Early in the relationship, Virgo may take things a little too earnestly for Gemini, but if Virgo can wait a while, both Twins will learn to adapt to the relationship.
As Mercury rules both, there will be a mutual appreciation of each other's mental attitude of wanting to know more. Gemini is full of ideas and Virgo full of facts, so Virgo helps Gemini to be logical with ideas. With their love, they could stand together against the world, but with all their Mercury stimulating each other's minds; they may forget the more physical nature of their relationship.
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